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Oral Language

Pre-Reading Assignment:
Read the following article. As you read the article, mark up the text in the margins. Marking up the text includes asking questions, clarifying unknown ideas or words, making connections, predicing, determing the importance, summarizing, and inferring.
Using Oral Language to Check for Understanding.pdf

Academic Discouse
Language of Learning Poster.doc

Accountable Talk
Accountable Talk Phrases.pdf
Accountable Talk description.pdf
Class Discussion Guidelines.doc
accountable talk templates.pdf

Mediated Discussions
Language Class Discussion.doc

Dialogic Reading
Article on Dialogic Reading.PDF

Grouping Structures
Cooperative Placemant.pdf
Four Corners.pdf
Inside Outside Circles.pdf
Numbered Heads Together.pdf
Paired Verbal Fluency.pdf
Pluses Minus and Interesting.pdf
Think Pair Share.pdf
Three Step Interview.pdf

My Action Plan
Use the following template to plan out how you will strengthen students' oral language in yoru classroom.
My Action Plan for Developing Oral Language in My Classroom.PDF