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Massachusetts Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) Definition and Guidance
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Current working definition:
Massachusetts Definition of SIFE (Student with Interrupted Formal Education)

—SIFE (Student with Interrupted Formal Education) refers to an English language learner, who is typically a newcomer between the ages of 8 and 21 and has experienced an interrupted education or has little to no schooling experience. Interruptions may be due to gaps in academic history, possibly caused by unavailability of schooling, civil unrest, immigration, transience, trauma, or other factors that would limit the student’s ability to perform and achieve in a Massachusetts classroom with students of a comparable age group.

—Moreover, a Student with Interrupted Formal Education may have experienced limited schooling, characterized by a non-rigorous quality of education in the home country, which is incomparable to schools in Massachusetts. This may include a shorter school day and/or school year, and a weak curriculum. Also, students may have been educated by teachers who were not high school or college graduates.

—Based on assessments, the student’s academic level is a minimum of two years below grade level in literacy and numeracy and lacks the general knowledge and/or practical life skills required in a typical Massachusetts classroom.

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Open website and download native language translations.

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Common Core Standards and Lessons:

Common Core Standards and Project, Digitized 8th Grade Standards PP Style. Intermediate, Advanced
Common Core Standards and Project, Uncommon Lessons: An Analgesic Index. Intermediate, Advanced

Beginning and Intermediate Grammar Lessons:
Cheat Sheets For I Say, You Say Grammar, Spanish-English. Intermediate

Math Newcomer Baseline:

Thumbnail Math Test

Thumbnail Math Test Key

Newcomer Lesson in Chin: PD:

Chin Language Exercise, llustrative demo to show how difficult it is to learn ten sentences per day in a language you do not know.

Computer Skills Pre-Test for Newcomers:

Computer Cloze Test: Basic computer terms.

Computer Skills Spanish Test: Spanish.

Basic Skills Sight Vocabulary in Context with Ten Cyclic Sentence Patterns, Grade One 335 sentences compared to Dolch 218. After Dolch mastery.
Basic Skills Sight Vocabulary In Context With Ten Cyclic Sentence Patterns, Grade Two, 420 sentences compared to Dolch < 218. After Dolch mastery.
Basic Skills Sight Vocabulary In Context With Ten Cyclic Sentence Patterns, Grade 3, 685 sentences compared to Dolch < 218. After Dolch mastery.

Daily Checklist Spanish and English: To assist parents and teachers to communicate.