Malden schools and teachers serve families with a large variety of languages and backgrounds including speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Haitian Creole, French, Vietnamese, and Arabic to name but a few. On this wiki you can find resources and lesson plans for ELLs by grade level as well as links to useful websites.

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Example of Home Language Survey given to families at Parent Information Center:

NEW: ACCESS for ELLs Language Classification Recommendations and Proficiency Levels

Recommended Periods of English Language Instruction

ELLs must receive ESL instruction and language support consistent with their individual needs for rapid and effective acquisition of English language proficiency. See G.L. c.71A, ยง 1. For example, Foundational students should receive proportionally more ESL instruction than those at higher proficiency levels. The comparability study described above has necessitated a revision of the recommended periods of ESL instruction based on each student's ACCESS 2.0 results. Please review the revised guidelines below which districts should consider when determining the amount of instructional time for ESL support that is tailored to each student's linguistic and academic needs.
ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Overall Score
Recommended Periods of ESL Instruction
Levels 1.0-2.5
At least two to three periods (a period is not less than 45 minutes) per day of direct ESL instruction, delivered by a licensed ESL teacher
Levels 2.5-3.5
Districts may use their discretion to determine the amount of ESL instruction provided to students between Levels 2.5-3.5, either at the Foundational or Transitional level, depending on each student's needs.
Levels 3.5-4.2
At least one period (not less than 45 minutes) per day of direct ESL instruction, delivered by a licensed ESL teacher
Districts should note that recommended ESL instructional time may fluctuate depending on the educational needs of ELLs enrolled in language instruction programs.

Information from the WIDA Consortium about changes to the 2017 ACCESS score scale and the likely effect of these changes on students' scores is located at:

Equivalent Proficiency Levels on ACCESS 1.0 and 2.0

Overall Proficiency Levels
ACCESS 1.0 Score
ACCESS 2.0 Equivalent Score
Level 2.0
Level 1.8
Level 3.0
Level 2.5
Level 4.0
Level 3.5
Level 5.0
Level 4.2

Criteria for FEL... "FLEP"

New Transitional Exit Criteria and Equivalent Proficiency Levels on ACCESS 1.0 and 2.0

The new transitional exit criteria for ELL students, based on the 2016-2017 ACCESS 2.0 results are as follows:
To be eligible to exit ELL status, a student must have attained at least the following scores on ACCESS 2.0:

  1. An Overall Score of Level 4.2; and
  2. A Composite Literacy Score of Level 3.9

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