Malden Grade 6 ELL Resources
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MA DESE Next Generation Curriculum guide:

The Language of ELA

National Geographic INSIDE:Unit Resources
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Science Curriculum Resources:

Massachusetts , Inside Correlations

Massachusetts ELA Standards for Grades 5-8 correlated to Inside Levels C-E

Massachusetts ELP Standards for Grades 5-8 correlated to Inside Levels C-E

Common Core State Standards for ELA Grades 6-8 correlated to Inside Levels C, D, and E

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2013-2014 Pacing Guide:
Native Language Selection Summaries:

Malden Public Schools Mainstream Grade 6 ELA wikispace:

Grade 6 ELA Watson's go to Birmingham UBD:

Grade 6 UBD by Malden Public School Teacher's:

Scaffolding Writing Toolkit for ELLs:

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Improving Research Skills with Effective Keywords
Grades 6-8, ELA, ResearchCCSS: ELA.W.6.7 ELA.W.6.8
Video Resource:

Writing: Dialectical Journals and Collaboration Templates:

WIDA: The Language of Science Curriculum IDEAS:
Teacher's Guides:

Word Generation Curriculum

5 District Partnership:
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Behavior Management:

ELA Curriculum Grade 6 SEI: High Points Level A and INSIDE Level C
Grade 6 SEI High Points Study Guides
Scaffolded Resources for WIDA Level 1-3
High Points Level A Study Guides
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Level A
Unit 1
Unit 2
High Points A Study Guide Unit 2 TEAMWORK.pdf Scaffolded Study Guide WIDA Level 1-3
Unit 3
High Points A Study Guide Unit 3.pdf Scaffolded Study Guide WIDA Level 1-3

Open Response Questions:
Unit 4
Open Response Questions:
Unit 5
Open Response Questions:
High Points Level A Unit 5 Story 1.doc

RTI for ELLs in Reading

Research Articles and Recommendations for Adolescent ELLs who struggle with Reading

Assessing Struggling ELL Writer's Resources and Sample Assessments
Words Their Way Assessment Information Chapter 1: Stages of Writing and Spelling

Words Their Way Spelling Inventory for Middle and High School Students

WIDA The Language of Science:

Lesson Plans
Grade 6 Lesson Plans

Persuasive Writing Rubric
Persuasive Writing Rubric.pdf
Literature Circle directions and Ideas

Grade 6

Scope and Sequence Gr. 5-6.pdf (The Scope and Sequence tool includes all student learning outcomes in the ESL curriculum framework.)
Student Profile Grade 7-8.pdf (The Student Profiles tool were developed by the DESE and provide examples of what students should know and be able to do at each grade span and proficiency level in the domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.)

WIDA Standards: The Language of Mathematics, Resources for content area teachers
Math Visual Dictionary :

Common Core and Math Ratio and Rate Lesson:

Content Area Instruction

Important Resource: Content Area Bilingual Dictionaries (Students can use these content area dictionaries on the MCAS.)

Top Down Web for Content Area.pdf

Vocabulary Game.pdf

Scaffolded Resources for Content Area Teachers

Grade 6
English Visual Dictionary: Visual Glossary of Biology Terms: Visual Glossary of Biology Terms:
Grade 6 Pacing Guide Science.pdf
Grade 6 Planet Writing Prompt.pdf
Grade 6 Science Curriculum.pdf
Sea-Floor Spreading Writing Prompt - Grade 6.pdf
Sample Two-Column Notes:
2 column notes for earthquakes gr. 6 SEI Science.pdf
Measuring Earthquakes Grade 6 Vocabulary.pdf

Framework: Formative
ELP Standard: 4 - Language of Science
Language Domain: READING

Grade 6 Social Studies Pacing Guide.pdf
Grade 6 Social Studies ELL Beginners Curriculum.pdf
Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum for ELL Early Intermediate Students.pdf
Grade 6 Curriculum Guide for Intermediate ELL Students.pdf

English Visual Dictionary: Visual Glossary of Biology Terms: Visual Glossary of Biology Terms:

In Zone Readers for Grades 6-8

Find Lessons for Each In-Zone Reader

Teacher Guides
Student Journals
(Grade 1-3
Lexile Levels 200-700)
Frankenstein Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 230)
War of the World Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 290)
Time Machine Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 290)
Kingths of the Round Table Teacher's Guide.pdf (L 340)
WJHC on the Air Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 420)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Teacher's Guide.pdf (L 440)
Who's Got Game Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 490)
Pearl Harbor Is Burning Teacher's Guide.pdf
Tornado Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 500)
Magic Nesting Doll Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 550)
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Teacher's Guide.pdf (lexile 630)
Any Small Goodness Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 600)
Can You Feel the Thunder Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 560)
Domitila.pdf (Lexile 500)
Letters from Rifka Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 660)
Franklin Roosevelt Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 660)
Juan Verdades Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 650)
Jacket Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 640)
Frankenstein Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 230)
War of the World Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 290)
Time Machine Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 290)
Knights of the Round Table Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 340)
WJHC on the Air Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 420)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 440)
Who's Got Game Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 490)
Pearl Harbor Is Buring Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 490)
Tornado's Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 500)
Magic Nesting Doll Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 550)
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 630)
Any Small Goodness Student Journals.pdf (Lexile 600)
Can you Feel the Thunder Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 560)
Domitila Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 500)
Letters from Rifka Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 660)
Franklin D. Roosevelt Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 660)
Juan Verdades Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 650)
Jacket Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 660)
Level 2
(Grade 4-5
Lexile Levels 650-950
Esperanza Rising Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 750)
Bearstone Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 780)
Surviving Hitler Teacher;s Guide.pdf(Lexile 820)
Elena Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 760)
Rosa Parks Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 670)
Roberto Clemente Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 800)
Sumer of the Swans Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 830)
A Walk in the Tundra Teacher Guide.pdf (Lexile 690)
Three Princes Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 770)
Dragon Prince Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 820)
Color of My Words Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 840)
Library for Juana Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 700)
When Marian Sange Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 780)
From First Crossing Teachers Guide.pdf (Lexile 820)
the Man who went to the Far Side of the Moon.pdf (Lexile 850)
Waeve of Words Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 720)
Matthew Henson Teacher's Guide.pdf (Lexile 780)
Esperanza Rising Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 750)
Bearston Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 780)
Surviving Hitler Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 820)
Elena Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 760)
Rosa Parks Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 670)
Summer of the Swans Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 800)
A Walk in the Tundra Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 690)
Three Princes Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 770)
Dragon Prince Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 820)
Color of My Words Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 840)
Library for Juana Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 700)
When Marian Sang Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 780)
From First Crossing Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 820)
The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 850)
Weave of Words Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 720)
Matthew Henson Student Journal.pdf (Lexile 780)

Sheltered Content English Instruction

The major instructional approach used to make content in English language arts, math, science, and social studies is sheltered English instruction. Below are resources that support implementation of sheltered English instruction within the structured English immersion program.

Sheltered English Instruction Walk-Thru Tool.pdf (This tool was developed by the DESE to outline specifically the elements that would be present in a structured English immersion classroom.)