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MA DESE Next Generation Curriculum guide:

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Grade 5 Avenues
Grade 5 ELA

Click here for our Newcomers ELA Curriculum Resources:
National Geographic, Avenues Level D

Grade 5 Math

Grade 5 SocialStudies
Grade 5 Science

CLOSE READING and Science Sample Curriculum Maps using Common Core and WIDA

Grade 5cScience News For Kids 5 Ecosystems
//Changing Climate Alters Fish Behavior// and TDQs
Science News 5 Landforms Curiosity Goes to the Flowand TDQsScience News For Kids 5 Measuring Time
Home on the Moonand TDQs
STC Student Resource Book 5 Ecosystems
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring: A Quiet Book Makes Noise
pp. 60-61 and TDQsWebsite 5 Levers and Pulleys cRube Goldberg Biography cand TDQs

Understanding by Design Examples for Grade 5 Curriculum:

What is the power of the sun?

How are living things connected?http://bpscurriculumandinstruction.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/1/3/10131776/grade_5_unit_3_pilot_map.pdf

Scaffolding Writing Toolkit for ELLs:

Grade 5 Student learning Outcomes Guide:

Lesson Plans
Grade 5 Lesson Plan

The Language of ELA Curriculum: Avenues, National Geographic
2013.2014 AVENUES Pacing Chart