Professional Development Facilitated by: Jennifer McCabe, M.Ed. Malden Public Schools ELLInstructional Coach

Malden 3rd Grade ELL Resources

MA DESE Next Generation Curriculum guide:

Grade 3 REACH Instructor log in:
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Grade3 REACH Curriculum

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Curriculum Maps
Grade 3, Unit 1: Happy to Help
Grade 3, Unit 2: Nature’s Balance
Grade 3, Unit 3: Life in the Soil
Grade 3, Unit 4: Let’s Work Together
Grade 3, Unit 5: Mysteries of Matter
Grade 3, Unit 6: From Past to Present
Grade 3, Unit 7: Blast! Crash! Splash!
Grade 3, Unit 8: Getting There

Assessment Resources:
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6
Unit 7
Unit 8

Grade 3 SEI Classrooms ELA Curriculum REACH National Geographic

Writing Curriculum
Math Curriculum
Science Curriculum
Social Studies Curriculum Grade 3
WIDA Resources:

Massachusetts , National Geographic Reach Correlations

Grade 3 Unit 2 Reading Street Curriculum guide for ELLs:

Grade 3 Student learning Outcomes Guide:

Grade 3 Close Reading: Common Core/ScienceTexts, Questions, and How-to Guides
FOSS 3 Physics of Sound //Highs and Lows//FOSS 3 Structures of Life //Traveling Seeds//FOSS 3 Water //Why Pipes Burst//

5 District Partnership:
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Assessing Struggling ELL Writer's Resources and Sample Assessments

Lesson Plans (listed by subject)
Grade 3 Lesson Plans