Civil Rights Laws for ELLs


Required Documents:
ELE 1: Annual Assessment
  1. 1. Description of implementation practices related to MCAS and ACCESS administration
  2. 2. Names and qualifications of personnel administering assessments
Description of MCAS testing modification practices.
ELE 3: Initial Identification
  1. 1. Copies of all screening and assessment instruments, including Home Language Survey (in all languages available)
  2. 2. Names and qualifications of personnel implementing identification procedures
  3. 3. District testing data
  4. 4. District identification procedures
ELE 4: Waiver Procedures
ELE 10: Parental Notification
  1. 1. A copy, in all required languages, of the sample notice sent to parents regarding identification of their child as ELL, outlining the programs available, describing the district’s waiver process, and providing information regarding the child’s educational placement and progress
  2. 2. A description of the district’s waiver process and guidelines, as well as a copy of the district’s waiver form (s)
  3. 3. Copies of all approved and unapproved waiver requests with appropriate signatures (from state requirements)
  4. 4. A description of programs implemented in response to waivers
ELE 5: Program Placement and Structure
ELE 9: Instructional Grouping

ELE 5: Program Placement and Structure
ELE 9: Instructional Grouping (cont.)
  1. 1. District Form 3: ELL Student Roster (also listed under “general documentation”)
  2. 2. Names and qualifications of the teachers and/or administrators responsible of the program placement
  3. 3. District Form 1: ELL Education Program Service Data Sheet (also listed under “general documentation”)
  4. 4. A brief description of the district’s ELE programs and services
  5. 5. A copy of any written district policies and procedures regarding the implementation of sheltered English immersion (including sheltered content area classes and ESL classes), two-way bilingual, or other English learner program for ELL students in the district
  6. 6. OELAAA FORM 1-a: General SEI Program Description : Elementary
  7. 7. OELAAA FORM 1-b: General SEI Program Description: Middle School
  8. 8. OELAAA FORM 1-c: General SEI Program Description: High School
  9. 9. OELAAA FORM 1-d: Program Description: Two-Way Bilingual Program (if applicable)
  10. 10. OELAAA FORM 1-e: Program Description: TBE/ Other Bilingual Programs (if applicable)
  11. 11. OELAAA FORM 2: District ESL curriculum and curriculum development plan
  12. 12. OELAAA FORM 3: ESL Teacher schedules
ELE 6: Program Exit and Readiness
  1. 1. A list of former ELL students who have been transitioned to general education classrooms within the past academic year
  2. 2. OELAAA FORM 4: Description of the district’s
re-designation/reclassification process, including exit criteria.
ELE 7: Parent Involvement
A description and documentation of the means by which the district involves parents and guardians in matters regarding their children's education with a list of parents of ELL students who have been involved within the district (school council membership, parent advisory council membership, etc.)
ELE 8: Declining Entry to a Program
  1. 1. A list of students designated as LEP whose parents have chosen to opt out of ELE programs
  2. 2. The district’s opt out policy and sample request form or other means for documenting the parents’ wish to “opt out” of an ELE program
  3. 3. A description of the means by which the district provides for the education of students whose parents have “opted out” of ELL education
  4. 4. Any forms used to monitor the progress of students whose parents have opted out of ELE programs
ELE 11: Equal Access to Academic Programs and Services
ELE 12: Equal Access to Non-Academic and Extracurricular Programs
  1. 1. A list of all academic programs and services
  2. 2. A list of all non-academic programs and services
  3. 3. Evidence that the district provides ELL students information in notices about such topics as activities, responsibilities, and academic standards that is provided to all students in a language and mode of communication that they understand
  4. 4. Evidence that the district provides information about extracurricular activities and school events to ELL students in a language they understand and a list of sample extracurricular activities in which ELL students currently participate
  5. 5. A description of the means by which the district ensures that ELL students participate fully with their English-speaking peers, and the nature and scope of the support provided
  6. 6. A description of the means by which ELL students are considered for Title I, Special Education, and other academic services
  7. 7. ELE student schedules, including class credit values (included in selected student records), and names of instructors

ELE 13: Follow-up Support
  1. 1. A list of students who have been re-designated/reclassified as former LEP students and are currently being monitored
  2. 2. A description of the district’s monitoring process and any monitoring forms developed to implement this process
  3. 3. Evidence of monitoring and support offered to former ELL students who have exited ELE programs
ELE 14: Licensure Requirements
  1. 1. District Form 2: ELE Personnel Data Sheet
  2. 2. OELAAA FORM 5-a :Teacher Qualifications SEI Program – which includes teacher qualifications for sheltered content and ESL courses
  3. 3. OELAAA FORM 5-b: Teacher Qualifications Two-Way Bilingual programs
  4. 4. OELAAA FORM 5-c: Teacher Qualifications Other Bilingual programs
  5. 5. OELAAA FORM 6: Licensure Requirements/English Language Fluency and Literacy
  6. 6. OELAAA FORM 7:ELL Program Director Qualification Form
ELE 15: Professional Development Requirement
  1. 1. OELAAA FORM 8: Plan for SEI Endorsement Professional Development Form
  2. 2. List of all the profesional development activities related to the instruction of English language learners, and the dates held in the last two years (Title III districts only)
ELE 16: Equitable Facilities
ELE 17: Program Evaluation
  1. 1. A description of the district’s most recent program evaluation and proposed improvements based on that evaluation.
  2. 2. A description of program adjustments or changes made in response to the most recent program evaluation
ELE 18: Records of ELL Students